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iae GLOBAL is an International Education Recruitment and Management company that oversees a network of offices around the world. It was founded in October 1992 in Seoul, South Korea and since then has been instrumental in shaping careers of thousands of students every year by guiding them to study overseas in several top destinations. Since the establishment of the first iae office (iae EDUHOUSE) in 1992, the company has seen phenomenal growth and has developed into a highly recognised brand name. Through our production of consistent results over the period of 22 years with continuous training, investing, dedication and commitment, our offices and services have expanded globally on an exponential scale and gained a reputation for quality, professionalism and innovation in education recruitment and marketing. Our reputation is now a benchmark for student recruitment in international education industry and we are not ready to stop just yet.

iae now has more than 15 sales offices in South Korea, 6 in India and more than 50 branches and joint-venture partner offices in major international student recruitment markets across the globe. These are spread across Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan, as well as support and on-shore offices in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. Today, we are a growing network of more than 70 education recruitment and support offices in 14 countries around the world adding up to more than 300 counseling/sales staff in 58 international branch recruitment office and partners in 13 countries. Together we have aided approximately 80,000 students to achieve their dreams since 1992.

The Indian Head Quarters is located in New Delhi led by the Director, Mr. Chanpreet Singh with other divisions in Jalandhar, Amritsar, Coimbatore, Ludhiana and Pondicherry. Our mission and values indicate that we believe in Equality and Transparency, to treat everyone with equal respect without any discrimination whatsoever, to care and perform with openness and integrity. We take full responsibility for our actions with our students, staff, universities and schools, shareholders and communities. Most importantly, we create an inclusive culture and environment that is based on trust and honesty.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” They said. We believe that we are the comfort zone for each and every student and we render a new beginning and guide them to a better future to create a better world.

  • Intense counseling - Our experienced professional advisors to provide immense clarity in the choice of program and destination.
  • Application processing – Aggregating all necessary documents for admission purposes, educational and financial, appropriate certificates, LoR’s, so on and so forth.
  • Facilitation of Admission Process – A dedicated team devoted to focus on following up and processing the applications with the corresponding choice of university.
  • Student VISA – We aid in the Student VISA application processing. Furthermore, we furnish the students by offering mock interviews just to get the hold of it.
  • Pre-Departure Counseling – Brief the students about the destination, its culture & habits, lifestyle and disciplines.
  • Value Add-On – Further optional assistance on proposal of student loans, travel and health insurance, accommodation, arrangement of FOREX transactions, airline ticket bookings etc.
  • Your choice of educational destinations is a dream turned into reality by 'iae GLOBAL India' We work with many reputed universities in these destinations

    • Hong Kong
    • Europe
    • Singapore
    • UK
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • USA
    • Canada

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    Please click on Educational Institutions, iae GLOBAL INDIA Network and Corporate Desk for basic info. or Call Now at +91-11-41752288 or +919599948866

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    iae GLOBAL INDIA takes pride in the fact that we work with some of the most prestigious and recognized institutions in the world that offers undergraduate, postgraduate, foreign language, vocational and many other course programs in almost all fields of study. iae provides the perfect partnership system that helps institutions get the best students and vice versa. This is backed by iae’s considerable experience, network, and technical knowhow.

    We in turn help by conducting a wide range of marketing and promotional activities on behalf of our education partners in order to attract students by,

    • Print and Broadcast Media
    • International Education Seminars
    • Education Fairs – And so on. For the university, we make sure that we strive to filter non-genuine students at our end and perform rigorous checking and verification of academic and financial documents.

    iae GLOBAL INDIA Network is an essential part of our solution and growth strategy which has been designed by partners for partners.

    Our partner recruitment strategy remains focused on quality over quantity. Our goal is to recruit partners that are well aligned with our methods and the requirements of education institutions.

    iae GLOBAL INDIA will provide with the tools, resources and financial incentives that is needed to rapidly grow a profitable and sustainable business.

    We work with Business Partners/Franchisees for which we define a strategy to filter the genuine/non-genuine students through application processing and intense counseling.

    We have our Franchisees in the following cities:

    1st Floor, SCO-43, Chotti Baradari Part-II, Garha Road,
    Jalandhar, Punjab – 144 022, India
    Phone: +91 – 0181 – 4660365, 981 553 0365

    SCO 110, 1st Floor Raj Tower, B-Block, Ranjit Avenue,M
    Amritsar, Punjab – 143 001, India
    Phone: +91 – 183 – 2500725

    1st Floor, Kartar Complex, Pakhowal Road (Opp. Hotel Imperial),
    Ludhiana, Punjab – 141 001, India
    Phone: +91 – 161 – 4664 777, 4669 777

    1. Visit us at our workplace and avail services, from counseling to STUDENT Visa processing. iae GLOBAL INDIA aims to fulfill student’s dream to study abroad.
    2. Australia offers around 22,000 courses in over 1,100 institutions and has produced over 2.5 million international alumni from various colleges. Experience innovative teaching methods to improve your mastering skill by studying in Australia.
    3. New Zealand has a literacy rate of 99% and is considered the safest country in the Global Peace Index and a qualification from one of its colleges can land you in the best opportunities around the world. Study in one of the most innovative and modern societies in the world. New Zealand offers the best graduate courses.
    4. UK institutions consistently rank among the best in the world and qualifications are internationally recognized. It has one of the highest intakes of international students, which incites the density of offers they feature. Study in UK and complete your program early to start working early.
    5. USA is the country with academic flexibility and abundant funding opportunities. A degree from an American University is valued highly in spite of competition from other countries. Study in the USA and fall in line with the best networking and employment opportunities.
    6. Canada offers hybrid system of education adding breadth and depth of learning. Studying in Canada fetches the best job opportunities and now welcomes you through flexible immigration rules. Affordable education, internationally recognized, multicultural society. Everything a student, it provides.
    7. For decades, iae GLOBAL has been assisting students from all over the world, bending their dreams into reality, to pursue and accomplish their ambitions of studying in world class institutions abroad. On account of having established substantial affiliations with universities namely in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, we, at iae GLOBAL INDIA, have now taken an initiative to conduct coaching classes for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) which is largely applicable for admissions in the above mentioned countries.

    Our Students About iae Testimonials

    "I started my research for Overseas Education Which was very confusing. I was unable to make a decision where to go & which college to choose after visiting many consultants my search finally ended in iae Global India. After booking an appointment for guidance, the rest process was so smooth and easy I got my Visa in 10 working days &very excited to go to Perth, Australia. I recommendiae Global India to students aspiring for higher education.”

    “Hi, I’m Manan, studying abroad was one of the aims of my life, after completion of my graduation, I visited Iae GLOBAL INDIA and met Mrs. Hema Seth. She has guided both of mu sister in going broad. She is a trusthworthy person so I approached her. She guided my very well in the whole process from admission to Visa. I am very happy that because of her I got my visa and now dream will fulfil. I am very thank ful for the services provided by the iae GLOBAL INDIA and appreciated their hard work"

    Thanks to iae Global India for making my way dream university MONASH so easy. It has only been made possible with guidance of such a helping and guiding staff. I recommend all prospective students looking forward for overseas education to come here for reliable guidance and support.

    "It has been a Pleasure to contacts Ms. Hemaseth of iae GLOBAL INDIA for my student VISA. Due to my settlement from Hong Kong to India there were many hurdles in my Visa process, but Hema mam knew exactly which gears she has to turn and my VISA was granted within a week. In a nutshell she kept her word and what more is required! Thank again iae Global and Ms. Hemaseth for the warm hospitality and help"

    "I am astounded by the way iae GLOBAL INDIA helped me through my course selection, university and VISA. Their services are seamless and professional. I got the VISA in just 8 working days. I would recommended every student to consult with iae GLOBAL INDIA if they’re planning to study abroad”

    "I would strongly reccommend iae Global India to anyone applying for overseas Studies. A very professional team of counselors that have helped me right from the start and especially Hema mam. ”

    Call at +919599948866


    or Reach at B-1/52 Level 2, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110058
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